Akashic Record Reading and Healing for Children

Akashic Reading for children gives the parent an in-depth summary of their child’s individual way of being, their hidden treasures and talents. It affirms what makes your child unique, while at the same time provides practical insight into your child’s strengths, challenges and vulnerabilities. The primary focus of this soul blueprint reading is to give you, as a parent, clarity around the energies that motivate your child’s being so you can start to take actions in their life to help align them with who they really are. The Readings help you to understand the different phases in the development of your child’s growing up years and help shape their future accordingly.

This detailed Akashic Record Readings for Children and Grandchildren will help you to identify

  • The Main Behavioural Pattern of your Child.

  • Your child will experience clarity around why he/she is the way they are, as well as their unique strengths

  • You, as a parent, will feel better knowing that you’ve provided your child with a powerful tool to help them become more self-aware and resilient

  • Allow them to feel the nature of their gifts and strengths for this lifetime

  • The Best Career for your child.

  • His/ hers Financial Journey.

  • About his/her health.

  • Any negative program, curse, soul contracts etc attached to him/her which might impact life in the long run.

  • Their past life Karmic connections

  • Access the ability to work with challenges they have brought in

For kids (0 to12 years):

Discover their soul gifts and strengths to help understand how to guide them best. Understand their shortcomings (ADHD, Autism, Tourette syndrome etc.) to best contribute to these special souls for their greatness, and not their so-called weaknesses.

For teenagers:

Clear patterns such as bullying, stress at school, loneliness, depression, suicidal thoughts, addictions: social media, substance abuse etc. Helping them to understand their true soul urges and aim for the current life.

Do my child and I need to be present for the soul reading?

You and your child do not need to be present for a reading. As long as I have your permission to access your child’s soul records from The Book of Life, then the reading can be done wherever you are in the world.

What are the long term benefits of a soul reading?

While a person becomes more their own self, their underlying essence does not change. A soul reading for your child is a gift they can take with them into every stage of life. In that way, it’s benefit far outlasts the initial investment

What you will get?
  • Soft copy of a Detailed Akashic Record Reading.

  • Remedies in the form of Prayers, Rituals & Healings.

  • A FREE 20 mins consultation to understand the records of your child in a better way.