Psycho Neurobics

Psycho Neurobics is one of the best modality that connects aerobics (exercises) to the psyche (mind) in order to guide your mind to utilise your mind power for creative work, to heal your body and to keep your body and mind healthy.

​This is a trident approach with regulated deep breathing exercises, sound vibrations and mental exercises of receiving spiritual energy through visualization of different coloured showers coming from the Divine and transferring into the neuro cells  of the body and emotions . This makes this type of healing highly effective and ensures cure from various diseases.

​How to use the modality

This modality is taught to the clients either online or in person so that the client is empowered to heal himself/herself of all the various ailments (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). The client is also taught to do Rajyoga meditation, cleanse and balance his/her all 5 elements of the body, chakras, etheric body, cleanse and heal home and home relationships, work and work place relationships and much more.

Benefits of Psycho Neurobics

Psycho Neurobics is a holistic health system, often quoted as the invisible doctor, who works in conjunction with the Supreme Doctor (Cosmic energy) to heal at the root cause level of the body, mind and soul with will power  and inner virtues i.e. knowledge, peace, purity, love, happiness, joy, bliss or power.