Akashic Record Reading and Healing for Pets

Have you wondered why your pet is there in your life? Our pets play an important role in our lives. So, of course, we are curious and want to know more about them! Do you feel that your animal friend chose you, and not you who chose them? How often have you heard people share how much their pet has changed their lives? Our pets truly are here to be with us, help us and work with us. It is a mutual give and take.

Pets can provide us with such unconditional love, which is often what we need most when challenges arise. They can calm us, guide us, make us laugh and teach us that sometimes being still is the best solution to any problem. Getting a deeper understanding about all of that is possible by using the Akashic Records.

If you feel a special connection with your pet and would like to know if you shared experiences in another life, the Akashic Masters can provide the answer. If you’d like connect to the Akashic Masters with your pet, I’d be delighted to facilitate.

Does I or my pet need to be present for the soul reading?

No neither you nor your pet need to see the property or meet with you. As long as I have your and your pet’s permission to access your pet’s soul records from The Book of Life, then the reading can be done wherever you are in the world.

What are the long term benefits of a soul reading?
  • The issues related to the reason your pet is with you

  • The story line of your pet’s past lives (usually only two or three)

  • Pet’s Bodies & Balance

  • Animal Cruelty

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Animal / Pet Karma

  • Any Contracts your pet has with you

  • Vows and curses, bindings

  • Soul names that your pet may have

  • Colours and crystals their energy resonates with.

What you will get?
  • Soft copy of a Detailed Akashic Record Reading.

  • Remedies in the form of Prayers & Healings.

  • One FREE 20 mins consultation to understand the records of your pet and your connection in a better way