Vibrational Healing Medicines

This is a Science of the future and is very effective in treating a disease. Vibrational healing is based on the notion that the body emits energies or wave forms in a certain frequency range. Each individual has their own energetic blue print. Vibrational flaws in this energetic blueprint can occur when we are surrounded by frequencies that do not harmonise with our own. Disease causing organisms may be removed by the conventional medicines, but the disease leaves an imprint or flaw in the subtle anatomy which lingers on unless cleared away by an appropriate vibrational remedy.  If the energetic flaws are not removed from the subtle body, they have the potential to be transmitted back into the physical body during times of stress, shock and illness (e.g. regrowth of cancerous tissues after sometime even though the disease had been cured earlier). These flaws form energetic pathways and have the capability of transmitting from generation to generation in the form of heredity diseases.

​In this system of healing, also known as Radionics, no physical or chemical substance is given to the client, but only energy vibrations in the form of high frequency electro-magnetic waves dispensed in water or plain homeopathic globules. These remedies work at curing an illness by working on the cells and the various subtle bodies (namely emotional, mental, astral, chakras and so on) of a person and have absolutely no side-effects and do not clash with any other form of medication. They provide a simple, effective and natural system of healing and can be used in conjunction with the conventional medication.

How to use them

Dosage to be taken orally and as per instructions from the practitioner.

Side Effects and Safety

These medicines are safe for everyone including children, pregnant women, elders, pets, and even plants and soil.