Akashic Record Reading and Healing for Property

Just like people, properties (houses, apartments, offices, buildings) hold onto both positive and negative energy. As you live our life, you have emotional ups and downs, traumas, people passing away etc. and all the residual energy gets attached to your home and offices. Additionally depending where you are in the world, your home or office may have been built on land that could have been a graveyard, battle field or sacred space.  Negative spaces create chaos, ineffectiveness and disorder, feel uncomfortable or unsafe to be in, have a heaviness to them and a feeling of others present. They can cause problems in your business keeping you stuck financially or they may have energies that can make you feel unwell or depressing all the time. They can also stop the sale of your property or even buy a new one. Children and animals are the most sensitive to these energies.

Sometimes properties do not sell or rent due to the vibes they emit. If you’re trying to sell or buy or rent a property, it’s a great idea to clear the space so everyone gets a good feeling when they enter. It is always advisable to clear the energy of the previous inhabitants as what they left behind energetically will affect you, particularly if you are sensitive to energy. The more intuitive you are, the more disruptive a negative space is.

I also do property clearing for Realtors (with permission from the owner), home owners and tenants. If you are financially (paying the rent) responsible for your home or work space, we can clear any blocks and restrictions that may be attached to the property.

Do I need to show the property or be present for the soul reading?

I do not need to see the property or meet with you to do this work. All properties have their own Akashic Record which I access with the address.

What are the long term benefits of the property reading?

Akashic record reading and clearing for property can help you in financial abundance and prosperity. It also helps you in creating a positive bond with the energies of the property and promote the feeling of wellness within you.

What you will get?
  • Soft copy of a Detailed Akashic Record Reading.

  • Remedies in the form of Prayers, Rituals & Healings.

  • A FREE 20 – 30 mins consultation to understand the records of your property in a better way.