Akashic Record Reading and Healing for Relations

Akashic reading for Relations gives you an insight on the relationships you hold in the current life.  This reading can be very advantageous as it allows us to uncover serious problems with a prospective partner that may be hidden from a normal view and understanding. The prospective partner can be in the form of Spouse, Romantic Partners (dating, engaged), Parents, Siblings, Children, Business Partners, Friends, Teachers and so on.

Akashic Records reading for matchmaking in marriage is also available and this can play a very important role in leading towards a more fruitful and blissful married life. Here matchmaking goes beyond the conventional ‘guna’ matching. It includes impacts of past life accounts also as well as divine knowledge of karmic and soul mates. We assure you that we give the most precise and elaborate information and insights while you consider marital knots.

Does my partner or I need to be present for the soul reading?

You and / or your partner do not need to be present physically for a reading. Participation (permission) of both the partners is also not required for the reading. However, we do use ethical considerations when deciding whether it is alright to access the other person’s records. In case the other person is neither your child nor your spouse or current live-in partner and hasn’t given their permission, we can still do the reading for you, but it will focus on your side of the relationship and the shared soul history, without asking personal questions about the other person.

What are the long term benefits of a soul reading?
  • You and your partner can understand each other much better.

  • You can relate to who each of you is on a soul level, the primary energy center and soul group of origin for each of you. You can understand each other’s gifts, needs and some important differences between you two that may affect your relationship and learn to appreciate each other on a different level.

  • The nature of your shared past-life relationship together:  The two of you might have been married for many lifetimes, but perhaps changed roles. You might also have been parent/child, lovers, siblings, friends, co-workers or employee/boss.

  • The Life Lessons that each of you support for the other person and to help you learn. The life lessons may be acceptance or forgiveness or assertiveness in your relationship and this is exactly the reason why your soul has chosen the partner

  • Soul Contracts that you share with each other and with other souls. Are you soulmates, or has one of you promised to protect or heal the other and is still trying to do that today

  • Shared Karma between the two souls. This may explain why you two keep facing the same situations within the relationship, why one of you always feels the victim, or even why your partner pushes you hard

  • The blocks, negative patterns and restrictions that each of you have that affect the relationship between the two of you, as well as those blocks that affect ALL of your relationships in a repeated fashion

What you will get?
  • Soft copy of a Detailed Akashic Record Reading.
  • Remedies in the form of Prayers, Rituals & Healings.
  • A FREE 40-50 mins consultation to understand the matched records of you and your partner in a better way.