Life Between Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression

Life between Lives (LBL) spiritual regression is a very deep level of hypnotic trance through which an individual can access not only past lives but also experiences the lessons and memories of the afterlife. Here the client is regressed to childhood memories, memories of being in the womb, into the past life previous to the current one with any needed alignment or forgiveness work, and finally the higher realm of the spirit. It is the inter life in the journey of the soul, i.e. after leaving the body of one life and accepting another body for another life. Life between Lives Regression reminds us that we are spiritual beings in human form.

Benefits of life between lives regression

  • You can connect with personal spirit guides, soul mates, soul group, council of elders,
  • You can get your questions answered by your spirit counsel group on how to continue with the current life.
  • You come to understand your own unique pre-birth planning, your soul name and understand your soul contracts with present and past relationships, with family, friends, co-workers and other significant people.
  • You can understand your main mission and purpose of this life.
  • This therapy will help you to live your current life with renewed energy, strength, courage, and awareness. 

The Life Between Lives Regression Process

During the session, the client is first regressed through the experiences current life’s past , to the womb, and then further into a past life, just previous to the current life. The past life regression is progressed through fully with any needed healing work before moving onto the spiritual realm where our soul groups, spirit guide(s), and master council reside to help us understand our contracts in the current life. The session is totally client based, that means I will be guiding you throughout but will allow you to move to those experiences which are significant and hold relevance for your healing. This session allows you an understanding of our current karmic situations, relationships, and purpose in life as well as healing of emotional, physical and mental residues, that creates blockages in our current life.